Podcasting in GarageBand 

GarageBand is a program installed on all teacher and student Macs that's used for creating audio files. It is a powerful tool for creating your own music, but this guide will focus on using it to create podcasts or radio-show type products in your classroom.
There are four videos that walk you through the process of creating a podcast in GarageBand: 
1. Getting started
2. Recording & editing audio 
3. Adding loops, music & voice effects 
4. Sharing your project
You can hit play below to watch all four in order, or use the "playlist" button to jump to a specific video.



Here are some examples of podcasts created with GarageBand: 

Reader's Theater by Lisa Sobieniak and Hopson Middle School students
Sea Ice  by Ms. Sloane's 2nd Graders at Ipalook Elementary