Successfully Teach an Art Kit
  • Carefully read the lesson plan, examine all kit contents and schedule enough time for student success.
    • It is often best to schedule two sessions for students in grade 3 and above.
  • Prepare all materials and do the lesson yourself. In that way, you will better understand the difficulties that might emerge and be more prepared to help students.
  • Be sure to display student artwork beautifully and put lesson descriptions both on the back of the artwork and on the bulletin board. In this way, valuable learning in the art lesson is articulated to provide a deeper understanding to those who view the artwork.
  • Honor all students for their work and allow for a modicum of "breaking the rules," stressing that seriousness of effort and respect for materials is expected.
  • Re-pack the Art Kit, making sure it is complete and that all materials are clean and dry, returning the Art Kit in the condition that you would want to receive it.