NSBSD's Teacher Technology Competencies


 A few things to note regarding the Tech Competencies:
  • They are subject to edits and additions at anytime. Please use the online version of the tasks posted below since they will be the most up to date. To receive credit for the task, you will need to meet the requirements as they are written at the time the task is submitted.
  • To allow adequate time for processing of rewards, completed tasks must be submitted before May 1 to be credited to any given school year. Tasks submitted after May 1, may not be checked until the fall.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of the tasks you've completed. There are checklists provided for each module below. Please keep track of tasks you have submitted and confirmations you receive in case there are accounting errors on my part. In the interest of my time and sanity, any questions regarding which tasks remain will be answered with instructions to refer to your checklist and/or go back through your email for confirmations that have been sent.
Phase 1: Personal Productivity

Phase 2: Classroom Integration


Progress Tracking Checklist

Module 1: Typing Skills

Module 2: Copyright & Fair Use

Module 3: iPhoto
Module 4: Publishing
Module 5: Concept Mapping
Module 6: Presentations
Module 7: Garageband
Module 8: iMovie
Module 9: Website
Module 10: Web 2.0 Resources


Phase 3: Collaboration, Learning and Leadership

Progress Tracking Checklist
Module 1: Plan & Share a Lesson
Module 2: Plan and Share a Mini-Unit
Module 3: Collaborate Online
Module 4: SmartBoard Integration 


ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

Last Modified on July 16, 2016