Glen Principal Glenn Cole

Please let me take this time to introduce myself.  My name is Glenn Cole; I am the Principal of Kali School. My wonderful wife, Dawn (English\Social Studies), and I are in our fifth year at Kali School and are loving it! It has been wonderful getting reacquainted with life on the North Slope. We quickly have realized we are all spoiled, for this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We are both thrilled to be among the wonderful staff of Kali School and community of Point Lay. I have quickly realized that every teacher, teacher’s aide, cook, maintenance worker, office personnel, and district employee cares deeply for our students and Kali School as a whole. 

As I further my understanding of life in Point Lay, I feel it is only fair that you have some knowledge of my diverse background.  I am originally from Douglas, Wyoming, where I graduated from Douglas High School, earned my undergraduate degree from Black Hills State University, Spearfish, South Dakota, and obtained a Masters in Educational Administration from National University, La Jolla, California and have been involved in education for the past 30 years. As a professional educator, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with students of many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, intellectual capacities, and within an enormous array of economic diversity.  Highlighting my work in education are my years in the US Peace Corps teaching native Basotho children in Lesotho, Southern Africa; multinational Air Force dependents in Mountain Home, Idaho; the many precious Inupiat children of Tikigaq School, Point Hope, Alaska; an enormity of ethnically diverse students from around the world in Unalaska, Alaska; and now some of the nicest students imaginable in Point Lay, Alaska. This vast experience has provided me with an opportunity to develop skills in and practice mounting school reform, developing professional learning communities, and implementing school and classroom interventions designed to enhance student achievement.  

The past thirteen years in school administration, Pt. Hope, Unalaska, and Point Lay has only deepened my belief that all who seek deserve “an exemplary education.”  Since every child has an innate ability and desire to learn, as educators it is our obligation to provide the best education possible for every student. My experiences have taught me that not all knowledge, understanding of societal morals and benefactors of an enlightened humanity are obtained within the confines of the traditional classroom. It is at times, those lessons not directly associated with the classroom which encapsulate the student’s imagination and spur on learning.

Glenn Cole, Principal
Kali School - Point Lay, AK
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