Rita Crouch

Phone: (907) 852-9677 ~ Office Hours: 9:00am-10:25am and 2:00pm-3:30pm


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. EnglishM.Ed. School CounselingI am certified to teach Secondary English/Speech Communications and all-level English as a Second Language. I am also highly qualified to teach Secondary Health.

Rita Crouch

I am so honored to serve the students at Kiita Learning Community. This is my fourth year at Kiita and I have been able to be a part of watching students overcome adversities and go on to be successful graduates and beyond to college and successful jobs in the community. We have graduates attending the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Ilisagvik College and working as full time employees at BUECI, ASNA, Ilisagvik, and even an NSBSD school board member. At Kiita we work as a team to meet the needs of our students and I love working with the caring staff who want to see our students be successful.

My husband is David Crouch and he teaches the VOC/ED classes in the shop at Barrow High School. David and I love the students and families in Barrow and desire to share our love of the culture and the values of the Iñupiat that so closely matches our own. We are learning new ways every day to participate in the subsistence lifestyle here among our Iñupiaq friends. I love to help cut and prepare the harvest of the great Bowhead Whale and love learning new ways to prepare the maktak. My favorite is Unaaliq!

 The counseling program at Kiita is based upon the Alaska School Counseling Framework and also the national model of the American School Counseling Association. There are several areas that I focus on with our students that include: Graduation Progress Monitoring, Career Exploration, Academic Success, and Social Emotional Development. I also respond to students in crisis through individual counseling to help them build resiliency and provide support for students experiencing grief due to loss of loved ones. I work with many outside agencies that provide services for our students and coordinate services with NSB Behavioral Health. I provide individual and group counseling services for students and make sure they have a safe and confidential place to work through issues.

It is such a privilege to work with our great families and to share with parents and guardians as they help their kids prepare for success in school and beyond. My goal is to get as close to my community members as possible and to partner together to build a better Utqiaġvik for future generations.