Happiness, Health, and Personal Success
It's all about choices
Countless studies and millions of real people have proven that a life of personal success and happiness is determined by the choices you make.  
Good or bad?  
BUT those choices don't start after school is over. The choices kids make in school are important. A famous Yale study showed that even the choices made by preschool children predicted whether or not they achieved personal success in later life.  
Say yes to success!  
Of course, kids don't always make wise choices. They don't have the wisdom to do so.  
As parents, you can help your kids make the best choices for their future. My job is to help Nuiqsut's children be successful, and I am here to support parents in helping their kids make good choices, too.  
Let's take the fast track!
Here are some ways you can put your kids on the right track for success:
1.  READ and TALK
Don't they look happy?  
READ to your child, have your child practice reading, and TALK about what they've read. You are approximately eleventy billion times more important to your child than any teacher. Children will have a much easier time with reading if you show them it's important to YOU. And, by the way, READING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN DURING SCHOOL. Your child's ability to understand what they read, even complicated things like contracts, will determine SUCCESS.
I love this diagram  
The teachers at Trapper care about your kids and their education. They work hard, they spend their own money on things to help your kids learn, and they spend months away from their loved ones because they want to make a difference in your child's life. Please take advantage of having excellent teachers.  Go to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Read the notes your child's teacher sends home. VISIT your child's teacher, without INTERRUPTING learning. ASK questions. MAKE SURE your child does his or her HOMEWORK. If your child is disrespectful to a teacher, CORRECT them and teach them how to be respectful, even when there's a disagreement.  
Reading should not be a punishment  
TALK about school every day so your child knows school is important to you. Make homework your FIRST PRIORITY. Schoolwork should never be a punishment.  If kids have to read as a punishment, they start to think of reading as a bad thing.   
 Sleepy kids
School-aged kids need 10-11 hours of sleep every night. If they get up at 7:00 for school, they need to be in bed by 10:00 the night before. Lots of studies show that enough sleep can help kids learn better and develop better social skills.